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12 May 2014

The Independent on Sunday

20 April 2014 - Giving up on the idea of ever buying a home

PricedOut quote:

"The fundamental barrier to home ownership for the 3.5 million taxpayers trapped in renting is the sheer scale of UK house prices. The latest figures show that the average first-time buyer purchase is now £192,000, an extraordinary £18,000 higher than a year ago."

21 March 2014 - How Thatcher sold council houses - and created a new generation of property owners

Andrew Gimson:

"A campaign group called PricedOut has calculated that if, since 1970, house prices had increased at the same rate as food prices, the average price of a house would now be about £30,000, instead of about £250,000. If, on the other hand, food had risen as fast as houses, a chicken would now cost over £50.

"No wonder there is a cost of living crisis. To get a roof over one’s head is horrifically expensive.  The Tory ideal of a property-owning democracy has been forgotten. Insiders – those fortunate enough already to possess houses – profit at the expense of outsiders, who find themselves paying extortionate rents, many of which have to be subsidised through housing benefit by the state."

20 March 2014 - Chancellor vows to scrap compulsory annuities in pensions overhaul

PricedOut quote:

"It is a strong cause for concern that the chancellor may be unleashing extra buy-to-let demand into the housing market and driving up house prices. With house prices already out of the reach of 3.5 million workers, the prospect of even more buy-to-let investors out-competing people from a home of their own will worry those who are fed up renting in the UK's broken housing market."

10 March 2014 - Oxford the least affordable city to live in as houses sell for 11 times local salaries

PricedOut quote:

"Home ownership is now a distant dream to many people living and working in cities across the south - and other parts of the country. If these people are to have a chance to get on in life, house prices cannot continue to rise even further. We need planning reform to allow growing cities to build the houses they need to accommodate their workers and give us the responsive housing market we desperately need."

6 March 2014 - House prices rising at 'fastest annual pace since 2007', Halifax reports

PricedOut quote:

"We estimate that two thirds of private renters are unable to afford to buy a first home, and with house prices rising faster than wages, this situation is only going to get worse.

"Rising prices are attracting investors to the market who treat houses as financial playthings, rather than places to live, and this sends prices even higher. If the government really want to help young adults to buy, they need to end rising house prices by boosting supply and curbing speculation."

26 February 2014 - Rise of Generation Rent as home ownership hits 25-year low

Quote from PricedOut:

"Private renting was not designed to accommodate so many people - particularly the 1.3 million households with children, whose insecure tenancies mean they have nowhere to call home.

"As long as home ownership remains unaffordable for people on ordinary incomes, investors are encouraged to speculate on houses and there is a failure to build more social housing, more people will become stuck in private renting."

Also in:

Financial Times

26 February 2014 - Private rental surge hits benefit bill

22 February 2014 - Buy-to-let landlords offered interest-free loans (with a catch)

Patrick Collinson: 

"Castle Trust's deal will fan the controversy over lending to landlords. Campaign group Priced Out says it wants to end house price speculation, including measures to limit buy-to-let such as the end of mortgage tax relief on rental properties. This week it said Help to Buy has failed to assist first-timers, arguing that it has stimulated a buying frenzy that pushed property further out of the reach of those on moderate incomes."

20 February 2014 - Will London be hoist on its own ‘For Sale’ sign?

Rosamund Irwin:

"According to PricedOut, a campaign group calling for properties to be treated as places to live rather than 'financial playthings', nearly a quarter of a million renters have been priced out of home ownership since the launch of Help to Buy."

20 February 2014 - New housing starts up, but completions down

Coverage of our PricedOut Index

20 February 2014 - Help to Buy slammed by first-time buyer group

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19 February 2014 - Mention of our PricedOut Index


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  • Ann Anonymous
    commented 2014-10-01 11:26:58 +0100
    The above article in the Guardian “Buy-to-let landlords offered interest-free loans” is very disturbing.