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Help to Buy ISAs: the Good, the Bad, and the Untrue

What are Help to Buy ISAs good for, and why have they been making headlines?

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Homeownership at lowest level in thirty years

Homeownership is on the decline in many UK cities. Why is this a problem, and how can we fix it?

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Will the EU referendum result fix housing?

Without a doubt, the EU referendum is one of the most significant events in recent political history. Although the decision was to leave or remain, many other issues formed part of the campaigns, including housing. But will the promise of Vote Leave be realised?

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IMF and House Prices

Commenting on the IMF's annual assessment of the UK economy, Duncan Stott, director of the affordable house price campaign PricedOut, said:

"Today's warning from the IMF demonstrates that the UK housing market is once again out of control. We now know that rising house prices pose a real danger to our economy, as well as pricing out ever more workers from a home of their own.

"The government must respond to the IMF's warning by developing a wholesale strategy that will bring an end to rising house prices. A target of zero house price inflation would both de-risk the economy and enable the Conservatives to meet their promise to double the number of first-time buyers."
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PricedOut's reaction to the Autumn Statement

Duncan Stott, director of PricedOut - the campaign for affordable house prices, commented:

"We welcome George Osborne's continued tax clampdown on buy-to-let landlords - it is good to see action against investors who price out aspiring first-time buyers.

"However the fundamental challenge facing first-time buyers is the gap between house prices and wages, yet the Office for Budget Responsibility is forecasting that this gap will grow even wider over the next five years. The Conservatives have promised to double the number of first-time buyers, but Osborne will not achieve this with ever more elaborate schemes and initiatives.

"The Autumn Statement was a missed opportunity for the Chancellor to announce a target of an end to rising house prices and bring affordability back to the housing market. An official target of zero house price inflation would allow earnings to catch up to house prices and genuinely help aspiring first-time buyers fulfil their ambitions.

"Serious questions need to be asked about how many more urgently-needed homes will actually be built due to Osborne's new housing funds. Most of the 200,000 Starter Homes will come at the expense of homes for Affordable Rent, and developers may now choose to build using the Affordable Homes Programme instead of market housing.

"London Help To Buy looks like an extremely risky measure. The capital's housing market already looks heavily overheated, so providing 40% equity loans to London buyers will expose the taxpayer to substantial losses if the bubble bursts. Providing buyers with easier access to credit will cause even more money to pour into London housing, which can only push house prices up even higher.

"We still need to double the number of new homes being built, so the planning reforms announced today releasing more land for housing development are a welcome move."


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