About the Campaign

Our Mission 


We are…

A campaign that gives a voice to would-be first-time buyers.

We are an alliance of everyone who is angry about the high cost of housing in the UK, and the only campaign representing would-be first-time-buyers. We seek to work with like-minded people to bring about the changes we need.

We believe…

Housing across much of the UK has become unaffordable for ordinary people.

People should be able to buy a home of their own in order to avoid paying rent later in life. However, home-owners should not expect the price of their house to keep rising. An assumption under successive governments that rising house prices are a good thing has fuelled unsustainable speculation in the property market. As a result, artificially high house prices have priced ordinary people out of home-ownership.

More people stuck renting pushes up rents, making it harder to save a deposit to buy a house. This situation is increasing social inequality and increasing the burden on the state. Increasing access to large mortgages fails to fix the real problem and will cause house prices to rise even farther out of ordinary people’s reach.

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We call for…

Action from national and local government and the wider housing industry to reduce the cost of decent housing.

This will be achieved by a joined-up housing market policy:

  1. building many more homes in unaffordable parts of the UK
  2. setting an inflation target to prevent house prices rising faster than wages
  3. reforming the tax system to deter speculation on house prices
  4. strengthening the rights of tenants in the private rented sector to ensure it becomes a genuine alternative to home-ownership

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Who we are

We are run by volunteers, funded by donations and completely independent of any political party. 

Duncan Stott, Director

Matthew Griffith, Director

Dan Wilson Craw, Secretary