Petition the government to target an end to rising house prices

In the past decade, the number of people stuck in the private rented sector has doubled. Houses already cost 10 times the average salary and their price keeps rising faster than wages. Now it takes a family 12 years to save a deposit on the average house, and today’s young adults are expected to be worse off than their parents. 

The only way housing will become affordable is if earnings start rising faster than house prices. By setting a house price inflation target of zero percent, the government would need to focus on fixing the housing market. But they won’t do anything unless they know people will vote for it.

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Why we are calling for the government to target 0% house price inflation

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We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty’s Government to set a house price inflation target of zero percent and to pursue policies to achieve this including a programme of housebuilding, property tax reform, and providing rented housing that tenants aren’t desperate to escape.


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    End the madness
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    The economy is supposed to enrich people’s lives. Instead it is making the masses work longer and have less time for looking after themselves and/or their children which in turn is making things harder for the NHS and teachers, it is a self perpetuating negative spiral while the rich are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. Stop foreign investors buying properties, stop housing developers sitting on land to push up house prices and help the masses in owning their own homes.

    All people have to do is stop buying things and start saving to help towards:-

    a) A decent deposit

    b) lower house prices

    An economy that grows organically is a good time hing

    What we are seeing now is an economy growing inorganically which requires more and more monetary stimulus to keep it afloat and people working longer and harder from the rising inflation that comes with it.
  • signed 2018-06-03 15:40:25 +0100
  • signed 2018-05-21 10:07:52 +0100
    UK home ownership has become a winner-take-all investment game. Fewer and fewer people are owning more and more property. Ultimately most housing stock in London and the south east will be owned and controlled by about 150 corporations. 99% of us will be tenants. Is this really what we want ?
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    make house as place to live
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    Mani Nair
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    Gayle rampling
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    We cannot buy a house in our local area, and are gradually being priced out of the rental market as the prices continue to rise. We pay enough in rent to more than cover a mortgage but cannot get a sufficient one because of our salaries. We will end up homeless with nothing to show for the years we have worked.
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    The privileged baby boomers seem to be buying all the houses to rent them to the millennials with a profit. The millennial are buying them (paying the buy to let mortgages) but FOR the boomers. A drastic change in housing policy is needed. My opinion is to make it illegal to own more than 2 houses if the third and fourth are for financial gain. You all have 10-15 years to sell up house/flat number three and four and reinvest your cash elsewhere. The housing market would slowly readjust to reasonable levels and investments in business and small enterprises would increase. If houses are to be treated solely as places to live, which isn’t unreasonable then simply ban the private ownership of too many houses as investments. When the baby boomers property millionaires die they’ll pass on their wealth to their kids who’ll become the next wave of rich landlords renting out the same properties to the next generation of perennial renters. Haves and have nots. [no doubt hugely unpopular and you would lose the next general election but it would solve the problem].
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    How to encourage developers to build a guaranteed percentage of ‘affordable’ housing? How to control/ penalise reselling for pure profit at the lower end of the market?
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