Petition the government to target an end to rising house prices

In the past decade, the number of people stuck in the private rented sector has doubled. Houses already cost 10 times the average salary and their price keeps rising faster than wages. Now it takes a family 12 years to save a deposit on the average house, and today’s young adults are expected to be worse off than their parents. 

The only way housing will become affordable is if earnings start rising faster than house prices. By setting a house price inflation target of zero percent, the government would need to focus on fixing the housing market. But they won’t do anything unless they know people will vote for it.

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Why we are calling for the government to target 0% house price inflation

Our proposed solutions 


We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty’s Government to set a house price inflation target of zero percent and to pursue policies to achieve this including a programme of housebuilding, property tax reform, and providing rented housing that tenants aren’t desperate to escape.


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  • Chris Phillips
    signed via 2018-03-01 18:56:00 +0000
    How to encourage developers to build a guaranteed percentage of ‘affordable’ housing? How to control/ penalise reselling for pure profit at the lower end of the market?
  • Joyce Phillips
    signed via 2018-02-28 23:06:49 +0000
  • paul dodds
    signed 2018-02-23 20:09:49 +0000
  • Becky Robinson
    signed 2018-02-22 21:12:20 +0000
  • jamie gray
    signed 2018-02-06 12:07:46 +0000
    jamie gray
  • Claire Hilliard
    signed 2018-01-31 19:39:12 +0000
    Saving for a house deposit whilst privately renting is soul destroying as prices keep creeping up on the rental market. Professional couple with decent jobs also. Impossible!
  • rachael louise mcmillan
    signed 2018-01-26 21:39:38 +0000
  • katy morris
    signed 2018-01-10 18:58:56 +0000
    katy morris
  • Kyle Armstrong
    signed 2017-12-28 18:21:33 +0000
  • Daniel Doherty
    signed 2017-12-27 22:29:50 +0000
    House prices are ridiculous for first time buyers (even for those who are relatively well paid)
  • emma watt
    signed 2017-12-16 13:28:58 +0000
  • Lee Partis
    signed 2017-12-09 21:59:51 +0000
  • Stephen Doherty
    signed 2017-12-09 12:37:03 +0000
  • Jon Mills
    signed 2017-12-09 12:32:28 +0000
  • Martin Peach
    signed 2017-11-23 19:08:52 +0000
  • Graham Hadley
    signed 2017-11-20 12:28:59 +0000
  • Jo Minnitt
    signed 2017-11-20 08:49:57 +0000
  • Hannah Clemson
    signed 2017-11-19 17:27:14 +0000
  • Dominic Adam
    signed 2017-11-09 16:47:54 +0000
  • Linuno Dib
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-11-05 09:30:44 +0000
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  • Jonathan Doran
    signed 2017-10-19 20:48:24 +0100
  • Betina Moyal
    signed 2017-10-17 14:46:46 +0100
  • Victoria Carter
    signed 2017-10-04 19:05:14 +0100
  • Brett Baney
    signed 2017-10-04 15:10:14 +0100
  • Louise Underhill
    signed 2017-09-20 15:23:20 +0100
  • Chloe Letherby
    signed 2017-08-29 20:41:23 +0100
  • Gayle Rampers
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-08-24 14:21:59 +0100
    We need the government to target an end to rising house prices. Sign @pricedoutuk's petition
  • Hesham Shawish
    signed 2017-08-16 11:32:09 +0100
    Hesham Shawish
  • Hannah Burgotti
    signed 2017-08-01 07:49:00 +0100
    This is getting ridiculous. The housing prices are getting out of reach so quickly… Please stop it!

    Hannah Burgotti from
  • Joanne Sullivan
    signed 2017-07-04 16:23:43 +0100
    I have been to university, I am in the legal profession, I work full time. All I want is a secure home. Yet, I am not able to save for a deposit because 50% of my income is spent on rent to a private landlord under an assure shorthold teneancy. There is no security and I can not plan a future. The cost of buying even a modest home is beyond my reach. Why make an effort if you have no security and in many respects no stake in this society. I would not even mind renting for life, if there was some security and tenants in the private sector were protected.