Petition the government to target an end to rising house prices

In the past decade, the number of people stuck in the private rented sector has doubled. Houses already cost 10 times the average salary and their price keeps rising faster than wages. Now it takes a family 12 years to save a deposit on the average house, and today’s young adults are expected to be worse off than their parents. 

The only way housing will become affordable is if earnings start rising faster than house prices. By setting a house price inflation target of zero percent, the government would need to focus on fixing the housing market. But they won’t do anything unless they know people will vote for it.

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Why we are calling for the government to target 0% house price inflation

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We, the undersigned, call on Her Majesty’s Government to set a house price inflation target of zero percent and to pursue policies to achieve this including a programme of housebuilding, property tax reform, and providing rented housing that tenants aren’t desperate to escape.


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  • arron dovey
    signed 2016-09-08 14:14:13 +0100
    if the Government doesn’t act then the people will.
  • David Lucas
    signed 2016-09-07 12:33:02 +0100
  • Chris Steer
    signed 2016-09-05 21:31:49 +0100
    I feel alienated from the market and cheated by the government’s and business’ reliance on the debt culture!
  • sharon Noel
    signed 2016-08-30 16:50:08 +0100
  • Cheryl Davis
    signed 2016-08-28 20:31:32 +0100
  • Patrick Brogan
    signed 2016-08-28 19:32:10 +0100
  • Chloe Woods
    signed 2016-08-26 11:19:41 +0100
  • Roland Baskerville
    signed 2016-08-18 22:52:06 +0100
  • Ben Davis
    signed 2016-08-17 13:57:48 +0100
    Build more council houses and change buy to let mortgages to business mortgage (6%). Simple isn’t it?
  • Julian Hammond
    signed 2016-08-14 08:31:24 +0100
  • Simone Harrison
    signed 2016-08-11 12:10:04 +0100
    Simone Harrison
  • Teresa Javurek
    signed 2016-07-29 00:53:09 +0100
    The housing crisis is taking all of the joy out of my life; it has even made me regret having my beautiful, intelligent 11 year old daughter. And for what? To enrich the few. This can be stopped and I want to join the fight to do so.
  • Jacqui De La Maziere
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-07-27 16:52:42 +0100
    We need the government to target an end to rising house prices. Sign @pricedoutuk's petition
  • Jacqui De La Maziere
    signed 2016-07-27 16:52:27 +0100
  • Ayyaaz Afzal-Khan
    signed 2016-07-12 16:28:31 +0100
  • michael hatch
    signed 2016-07-04 22:33:54 +0100
  • Jo Hughes
    signed 2016-07-02 22:35:21 +0100
  • Michelle Osman
    signed 2016-07-02 08:40:54 +0100
    Always renting over priced houses which prevents you being able to save to buy. House prices are so high making the deposit so hard to save.
  • Mickey Boxy
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-27 06:07:23 +0100
    We need the government to target an end to rising house prices. Sign @pricedoutuk's petition
  • Mickey Boxy
    signed 2016-06-27 06:06:22 +0100
    We have 2 children and living on single wage and the rental we pay is crippling. I’m unable to get support as my wages are considered high enough although because of this we are barely able to cover expenses let alone save for anything.
  • Nick Farmer
    signed 2016-06-19 21:58:14 +0100
  • Michael Sykes
    signed 2016-06-12 17:54:14 +0100
  • Katie Duffy
    signed 2016-06-08 16:40:04 +0100
    Katie Duffy
  • Ashleigh Cullen
    signed 2016-06-01 17:42:43 +0100
  • Chris Simkins
    signed 2016-05-31 17:57:26 +0100
    1. Extremely high UK rents and house prices, being massive overheads for citizens and businesses alike, are now affecting UK’s competitiveness as well as impoverishing a generation. The Coalition Government successfully froze Rates for 5 years; now its time for the Conservative Government to Freeze Rents in the same way, say for the next 5 years, and also to abolish Buy to Let Mortgages, to give the 25-40 year old generation a financial chance in life. We expect both Labour and Liberal MPs to support such Rent Freezes ! However as so many MPs and people in the establishment are Landlords regrettably they remain silent on this major issue. Shame on them !

    2. The Governement promises to build more affordable housing = good news. However, with net inward migration currently running at hundreds of thousands per annum, UK just cannot build houses/flats fast enough to meet the ever increasing demand, so prices continue to rise. It seems logical that inward Migration needs to be strictly controlled, as e.g. is done in Australia. But again none of the mainstream political parties seem interested in sensible controls.
  • Nicholas Lynch
    signed 2016-05-27 13:24:19 +0100
    Nick 27 St Albans – I cant afford to live here any more rent is going up every 6 months as landlord keeps us on a 6 month rolling contract so he can keep adjusting it regularly. Horrendous situation that is pricing me out. Luckily I share with my girlfriend but we still pay £900 each with bills and council tax. I try to save a couple of hundred a month but that leaves me with no disposable income whatsoever. If anything goes wrong with my car or any unforeseen costs i have to borrow or use my dwindling savings and I’m one of the lucky ones.

    I’m not asking for handouts here and I know everyone is in the same boat as me but something has got to change quickly or our generation wont be able to support our parents when they need it.
  • Helen Hamilton
    signed 2016-05-21 18:03:48 +0100
  • Simon Wood
    signed 2016-05-21 07:35:35 +0100
    The ridiculous increase in house prices over the last 25 years demonstrates perfectly the alarming short term nature of modern politics. If action is not taken soon, there will be catastrophic social implications.
  • John Spear
    signed 2016-05-19 08:08:58 +0100
  • Matthew Little
    signed 2016-05-17 12:00:03 +0100