What PricedOut wants from the Housing White Paper

Government is fond of announcing new housing policies, but we have yet to see a coherent housing strategy to match the rhetoric. As the housing crisis grows in its urgency, it is vital that government takes steps to build far more homes.

There is both a current undersupply of homes to meet household demand, and there is also a 30 year backlog of missing homes which have contributed to today’s unaffordable rents and house prices. We have four demands for the upcoming Housing White Paper:

  1. PricedOut renews its call on the government to aim for a major, sustained increase in housing supply, setting itself a goal of 300,000 homes per year.

  2. A requirement to increase housing supply should be particularly focused on councils in the most unaffordable areas.

  3. We therefore need planning authorities to have a strategy for housing delivery, ensuring there is a diversity of interests in housing construction. 

  4. We should strengthen the direct tangible benefits to communities that have new homes built in their area.

Read our short paper for more details and let us know what you want to see from the White Paper below.

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