Will the EU referendum result fix housing?

Without a doubt, the EU referendum is one of the most significant events in recent political history. Although the decision was to leave or remain, many other issues formed part of the campaigns, including housing. But will the promise of Vote Leave be realised?

From Vote Leave the argument was seductively simple. If we're running out of homes, then control immigration to control prices. For Remain, it was that house prices would go down in the event of a leave vote, the implication being that house prices would continue to rise if we stayed in. Where did that leave the PricedOut generation? 

Looking narrowly at affordability, it seemed as if there was much short term gain in voting leave. However, today, with the political system in turmoil, the economy shaken and plummeting confidence in house builders, it is hard to see how this can be realised. Worse still, with an uncertain future ahead, the fundamentals of affordability, wages and house prices, may end up in an even worse relationship.

The harsh reality is that the main features of our broken market - the political capital available in rising prices, unfair taxation, stagnant housebuilding, and dodgy renting - will not go away. 

If you want to live in a world where we can successfully address all of these issues, then help us to build a movement that bridges the gap between young and old, North and South, home-owners and renters, and create genuine, positive change.

For those who will be sorely disappointed that a vote out of the EU does not result in their housing needs being met, extend a hand and show them how to fix the real problems our country faces.  

Log onto our website and register to volunteer.

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