The Campaign for Affordable House Prices

We are a volunteer-run organisation, campaigning for policies that make the housing system work better. We call for action from government at every level to build more homes and reduce the cost of decent housing. We fight for everyone who wants to be a homeowner but can’t afford to, and everyone who wants to move closer to work or amenities but can’t afford to.


Housing is too expensive. Prices and rents have risen beyond what any reasonable person would think of as a fair amount to spend on one of the most basic of human needs. The way for them to get more affordable is for the costs to stop rising, so that wage rises have time to catch up.


We need to be building 300,000 homes a year in areas of high demand. Every year we don’t do this is a year we dig ourselves deeper into our crisis. We need to reform planning and invest billions in building social housing.


The reality is that while house prices remain artificially high and social housing is in short supply, many people will be spending their lifetime renting from private landlords. We need to reform private renting to make lives better priced out of buying a home.

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We are a volunteer-led organisation and we're funded entirely by donations. We operate on a small budget - any donations will make a huge difference and will help us expand our campaign for fairer housing for all.

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