The campaign for affordable house prices

Angry about the high cost of housing? PricedOut gives you a voice.

Housing across much of the UK has become unaffordable for ordinary people, as successive governments encourage people to treat houses as investments rather than somewhere to live. As a result of rising house prices it now takes 12 years on average to save a deposit.

We call for action from government to build more homes and reduce the cost of decent housing. 

With vested interests protecting the status quo, only people power will bring about the change we need. Sign up today!

On the site you can find out more about the housing crisis, its causes and what we are calling for to fix it. We also have a page of links to other housing organisations and a list of further reading.

You can volunteer to help out, sign our petition for an end to rising house prices, share your experiences, donate to support the campaign or write to your local politicians.

You can also see our research, comment and coverage in our media centre.

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