About PricedOut

We are a volunteer-run organisation campaigning for policies that make the housing system work better.

We’ve had some pretty major successes in the last few years:

  • In 2016 government introduced a stamp duty surcharge on second homes among other tax reforms to crack down on buy-to-let investment crowding out first-time buyers.

  • In 2017 government finally adopted PricedOut’s long-advocated target of 300,000 new homes a year in England.

  • In 2019 government removed restrictions on local councils borrowing money to build housing.

  • In 2019 government introduced a ban on letting fees to tenants, and announced an end to no-fault evictions.

But there’s a lot more to do. Although government has set a target of 300,000 homes a year, they are unwilling to deliver policies that will get us there. The planning system needs fundamental change, and social housing built by councils and housing associations is chronically underfunded.

Our system of taxing property could scarcely be designed to be any more unfair or less efficient. We need to it to work for the people who do not own homes of their own, rather than current owners, many of whom have accrued huge capital gains which they pay no tax on whatsoever.

We need to keep pressure on government to follow through on scrapping no-fault evictions. The landlord lobby’s incessant economically illiterate protests that landlords selling (or not buying) homes somehow reduced supply and increases rents can’t be allowed to take hold.

And - perhaps most importantly - we need government and the public to understand that increasing house prices is not “growth” and is not a good thing for society. House prices need to stop rising.

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